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About Wellbeing

Wellbeing at MyWellbeing.org is an exciting new online wellbeing resource for employers and their employees developed by Leeds Metropolitan University. With a number of clients across the public and private sector it already reaches over 200,000 employees and their families.

Winner of a number of national awards, MyWellbeing.org harnesses the university’s wealth of wellbeing-related expertise and builds it into an innovative web portal to engage and inform its audience. The result is over 190 wellbeing topics easily accessible to all.

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Wellbeing is frequently quoted as one of the answers to improved staff satisfaction, lower absence, reduced turnover, better engagement and increased productivity. But what does wellbeing actually mean? What does it include? The concept of wellbeing adopted at MyWellbeing.org goes beyond putting in place health interventions for employees, and beyond the health and safety duty of care employers have. Like the very best wellbeing programmes, we have taken a broad view of all the factors that affect the health and wellbeing of employees and their families. Everything from stress to childcare, healthy eating to coping with grief, exercise to personal debt.

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Latest blog posts

Celebrating wellbeing at Christmas

Last christmas at Leeds Met we struck on a winning theme with our ‘Surviving Christmas’ campaign. The campaign took in a wide range of wellbeing subjects including healthy eating, hangover cures, money worries, strained relationships and coping with grief. As a result the traffic generated through our wellbeing website increased significantly, teaching us for a campaign [...]

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Harnassing the power of social networks for wellbeing

As a university our mission is to share knowledge, both within the organisation with our staff and students, and externally with other employers and the wider community. Our wellbeing programme is a good example of this. Developed primarily for our own needs, it has generated sufficient interest externally that a number of other employers have [...]

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